?Why mix weed with tobacco?? This is a question that weed users asked themselves for decades and it can be hard to find the results unless you actually go ahead and see the results on your own. One thing is certain, a lot of things can and will happen, since mixing the two substances can have a unique effect.

It?s called a spliff

In the US, mixing weed with tobacco is called a spliff. This has a different meaning in other regions, but for the US you will see that spliff has only this meaning.

What happens when you smoke a spliff?

The reason people ask why mix weed with tobacco is because doing this is very popular. Nicotine has some chemicals that will help you relax and feel good, however cannabis also delivers that all while relaxing the muscles and your brain. Combining these two substances will allow you to be sedated and experience a sense of happiness, of euphoria and a great, constant smile. Unlike those situations when you smoke weed and you are in your own world, if you combine weed with tobacco you will be calm and focused.

When you combine tobacco and weed you will have more THC. As you already know, a high THC means that you get the cannabis effect very fast. Plus, this will also improve the overall THC vaporization efficiency with around 45% which is a major plus if you want to smoke weed.

One of the main feelings you will have when you combine the two substances is a special head rush. Your body will increase the production of adrenaline, your blood pressure will be higher however you will also feel a little shaky. The head high will be higher and you will also feel more energetic.

Is it for you?

However, just because the experience is unique it doesn?t mean that you should try it. Keep in mind that using tobacco with weed will also make you vulnerable to tobacco health risks. These include asthma, hairy tongue feeling, teeth diseases, lung cancer, COPD, emphysema and throat cancer among others.

If you are still wondering why mix weed with tobacco, then the sense of wellbeing will be a good answer. This mix helps you get more energy, it will allow you to increase the adrenalin levels and it can provide you with a state of wellbeing.

However, you should try to lower the amount. A single cigarette is enough in this regard, if you use more you will have to deal with consequences. Also, filters will be necessary, otherwise you will have to deal with more carcinogens. You should try to lower the tobacco amount if you want to lower any health risks.

Final thoughts

If you were wondering why mix weed with tobacco then you now have the answer to that. Thankfully, mixing tobacco and weed isn?t that damaging to your health as long as you use the proper quantities and focus on results. Remember, there are still health risks that you have to deal with, so try to analyze and control each mix responsibly. If you do that, you will be able to experience a great, unique high that you can rarely get from any type of weed!


Written by Guest contributor Alex.

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