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Cannabis entrepreneurs have always been coming up with interesting ideas on how to create cannabis products and services that people will want. Colorado has been at the centre of that innovation, and Denver based company Native Roots thinks it has the next big idea.

It will be opening its own marijuana gas station in Colorado Springs, combining both dispensary and petrol station in one building. “It’s really just kind of pairing the convenience in one specific stop,” said company spokesperson Tia Mattson. The company hopes to expand the idea, opening more and more.

She says that the gas stations will have two different entrances, one for those wanting gas, and one for those wanting to head on in to the dispensary. The dispensary will follow the same rules and restrictions that apply to marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

gas station dispensaryThe companies vision comes from the success of combining grocery stores with gas stations. “We definitely are leaders and we’re visionaries,” Mattson said. “It’s just one more thing for us to pair up the shopping and convenience of gas with a stop for somebody who is a patient, to knock off both errands at one time.”

The shop will also be selling marijuana themed clothing and accessories, as well as offer loyalty discounts to their marijuana patients.

Would you stop off at one of Native Roots new gas station dispensaries?

Source – KOAA


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  1. I don’t think this is all that revolutionary, but it’s not a terrible idea I suppose. The thing is, you don’t see Walgreens or CVSes built into gas stations (which would be a similar idea), and I think if that were a profitable venture they would have done it long ago.

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