The Ivybridge Estate from afar. Photo: Maxwell Hamilton
The Ivybridge Estate from afar. Photo: Maxwell Hamilton
The Ivybridge Estate from afar. Photo: Maxwell Hamilton

The Ivybridge Estate from afar. Photo: Maxwell Hamilton

A self-proclaimed gangster who became enraged and stabbed a friend dead following a minor argument about cannabis has been packed off to be a guest of Her Majesty for two decades. Chez the Old Bailey, 22-year-old Azeem Issa, a Tanzanian citizen, was sentenced to at least 20 years by Judge Johannah Cutts QC, who warned, ?If you carry a knife and lose your temper, it?s a small step to using it with devastating results.?

He’s been a criminal since forever

Issa’s criminal record stretched back to 2009 when, aged 15, he held a woman captive while brandishing a kitchen knife. It was in the next year that he was apprehended in Kingston by police while carrying a knife, telling them he required it to give him ?courage? because the location was ?not his area.?

The judge bewailed that the murder was the product of a combination of Issa’s readiness to bear a knife along with ?being quick to temper,? for which he was known locally which, she proclaimed, ?marks you out as a dangerous man.?

The argument begins

Roy and Issa fell out two days previously when Issa was taunted for losing to Roy at the Playstation game, FIFA. After that, Issa, nicknamed Ricardo, became more upset when his friend would answer neither calls nor his front door, leaving him ?desperate.? Call records show that during the hours leading up to the stabbing, Roy was called by Issa 21 times.

Your mum

When they eventually met on April 10 2016 to consume cannabis behind bins on the Ivybridge Estate of Isleworth in Hounslow, yards from where Roy resided, Issa asked to smell Roy’s cannabis, to be met with the reply, ?That’s what your mum’s pussy smells like.? Issa continued with the dazzling wordplay, commenting that Roy’s ma was ?like a petrol pump.?

Dying for some cannabis

Issa insisted he use Roy’s cannabis grinder to roll a joint, however his friend declined. They pushed each other. Issa became angered and Roy told him to ?Just relax,? but he whipped out the knife he carried routinely, with a 1.6 inch blade, and stabbed Manchester United-loving Roy in the right shoulder and right-hand-side of his neck. The judge described the argument about cannabis as ?trivial and senseless.?

Roy staggered away and collapsed in a car park close by, on Summerwood Road, with blood emanating from his nose and mouth. Nasira Manandhar, his mother, cradled him as he perished and then screamed.

Issa left the scene immediately after the confrontation, concealed the knife under a nearby footbridge and shed his apparel. After a teeny argument about cannabis led to an act of killing on his part, he binged on drugs and alcohol and was arrested shortly after.

A good bloke

Roy’s mother spoke of her son’s voluntary work. She declared that it was ?a violent individual? who had killed him and that no family deserved the consequences. She labelled Issa ?a risk to others? and demanded that he be ?adequately punished.? She regretted avidly that her son’s death over an argument about cannabis had ?left an enormous void in all our lives.?

Roy, a keen fan of computer games and sports, was engaged to Fareha Sheriff, with whom he had been in a relationship for eight years. He had intended to marry her the next year before travelling together. Friends depicted him as an ?angel,” a ?really friendly and humble guy? and a ?nice, funny, soft and selfless man.? A shrine was created close to where he died for the sin of having an argument about cannabis.

A bad bloke

Issa had pled not guilty, claiming that he acted in self defence when Roy attempted to throttle him. He buried his head in his hands as he was sentenced. His Facebook page describes him as a ?gangster.?

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