Why pay so much in Amsterdam?

Stumbling from one coffee shop to another, smoking ridiculous amounts of joints, eating giant pizzas and megadonuts is the best way to explore Amsterdam. After trying all sorts of lemon haze and amnesia stuff and checking out the Van Gogh museum on shrooms, one starts to wonder: what else can this magical city afford?

The most exotic hash experience straight from Himalaya can be obtained in Amsterdam’s coffee shops starting from $250 for one tola, which is about 11g, just ask your budtender for Malana cream. Malana is the name of the village in Himalaya where this amazing hash is produced. If you are an adventurer, better invest this money in a plane ticket, grab your trekking shoes and go to Malana village yourself. There you can buy the stuff for as little as $16, depending on your negotiation skills. After considering for a while, I decided not to get broke in Amsterdam, and started to plan a journey to India instead.

Travelling to the Source

India is a different universe. Thousands of languages, thousands of years of civilization, thouthands types of ganja. If you come to India to smoke up, don’t waste your time in Goa, once a place of hippie freedom it is now a Disneyland, tightly controlled by Babylon. Don’t waste your time there if you want to try true ganja. Go directly to Parvati valley. The best ganja is grown here, among the sleepy giants – The Himalayan Mountains. Every puff here is a blessing of Lord Shiva, the Hindu God who was the first stoner. Best way to get here is by bus from Delhi. Your first stop will likely be Kasol, a beautiful place, but still quite touristy. If you are eager to buy some ganja, don’t do it just yet. There are plenty of villages nearby where you can find cheap and awesome ganja. Instead just relax and try some local food, it’s delicious. Malana cream can be bought in Malana village itself, or nearby, just find a trustworthy vendor.

Once you find the stuff, sit near a river, relax. First hit will blow you away, if not, make another hit. Then melt into the surroundings, stay by the river, listen to her whispers. Tune in to the consciousness at large. Close your eyes slowly. Inhale, exhale. Observe your thoughts and your ego disappearing with the rest of maya, illusion. This is nirvana, in sanskrit it means “extinguishing”, like extinguishing the fire. True himalayan hash bears the imprint of intuitive knowledge which is working together with the natural surroundings, producing powerful spiritual experiences in anyone.

Embrace the experience

And in the evening, after some delicious meal, smoke up and relax on the cushions in one of the many bars in Kasol. Engage in a conversation with friends, feel the joy of being here now. Malana cream is a truly unique hash. It can be used to meditate alone in the mountains, or to have lucid conversations with other human beings. Malana cream is like an all-purpose Swiss knife of a hash, suitable for all occasions. After the effects are gone, all that is left is a profound sense of peace and gratitude. And the stomach starts to cry out loud for food.

Parvati valley locals are friendly and helpful, and the abundance of ganja smokers from all over the world makes the atmosphere super chill. But better don’t try to smuggle stuff from the valley, while authorities don’t care much about the ganja in Parvati valley itself, there are frequent police checks upon leaving the area. Same as in the Netherlands – smoke the rest of the stash while you are waiting for your bus to depart and remember with gratitude all the beautiful experiences that you’ve had. Goodbuy, miraculous Parvati valley, and hello normal world!

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