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Linda Horan, a?New Hampshire woman, has filed a lawsuit against the state health commissioner in the hopes that she will be able to obtain a medical marijuana card before dispensaries open.

A new state law which was passed over almost 2 years ago made it so that people suffering from a number of different diseases and medical conditions would be able to purchase medical marijuana with approval from their doctors. The?Department of Health and Human Services has only just started accepting applications for cards this week, but the identification cards seemingly cannot be issued until the Alternative Treatment Centres get authorization to?start giving out marijuana to patients.

There are currently four centres expected to open in the new year, but Linda wants her new card immediately so that she can obtain marijuana in Maine, which provides cannabis to patients who have registry cards in their home states.

Linda was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in July and says that she, along with thousands of other seriously ill people, are having to suffer daily until they are issued with their cards.

Her lawsuit states that all five of her doctors have said that she qualifies for medical marijuana to help her with a variety of different problems from anxiety and nausea which have led to her weight dropping to under 100 pounds.

“What we have here is someone who spent her whole life fighting for justice and dignity for working people, and she’s at a point in her life where she’s suffering from a debilitating disease, and should have access to medical marijuana as the state Legislature decided would be the policy in New Hampshire two and a half years ago,”

“It’s outrageous that at this point in time, 28 months after the legislation was passed, not a single card has been issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.”

Lung Cancer

The Department of Health and Human Services

Health Commissioner Nick Toumpas has said that lawmakers had anticipated such a problem, and that his department has worked continuously to ensure that it will have?”the highest level of operational integrity.”

“We have great compassion for this individual and all who are suffering,” he said.

Toumpas referred questions about the lawsuit to the attorney general’s office.

Deputy Attorney General Ann Rice said the office was reviewing the lawsuit and couldn’t comment immediately.

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Source – [High Times]


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