There are a handful of places within Glasgow where residents can go to purchase CBD oil and other hemp-based products, although these are mainly located within the city centre. I noticed that the Southside of Glasgow, specifical areas such as Pollockshaws, Pollockshields and Shawlands had seemingly nothing to offer CBD wise – until I stumbled upon Left of Centre.

The United Kingdom still does not officially recognize any of the medical benefits of CBD oil. Therefore it cannot be sold as a medical ailment. As such, it’s currently sold as a food supplement. The licencing and sales rigmarole which many CBD vendors have to go through is all part of the UK government’s ongoing hypocrisy over cannabis and hemp which allows the government to profit from it while simultaneously punishing its citizens from growing/using it.

left-of-centre-cbd-storefrontHigh-Quality CBD in the Southside of Glasgow

Left of Centre is located at 1101 Pollockshaws Road, Glasgow and is easily accessible from the main road. It has wonderfully designed signage with striking red and black colours.

When you enter the shop you’ll be greeted by a calm, cosy atmosphere and a lovely warm welcome from the owner Max. If you have any queries or questions about how CBD can help you she’ll be happy to talk you through what strengths and varieties will benefit you the most.

What’s on offer

The shop offers a range of different oils, some of which are made in Scotland. I started off with the weakest strength of oil on offer (100mg) and have currently worked my way up to the 250mg bottles which seem to work effectively at reducing my sleep restlessness. They also stock various different CBD oils ranging up to 2,500mg.


Left of Centre’s own “It is a belter CBD’ oil

As well as standard CBD oil, Left of Centre also offers a selecting of Morning and Evening CBD teas. The teas are produced in Scotland by HopeCBD who are based out of The HopeCBD Stadium, home of Hamilton Academical FC. The evening tea includes high-quality CBD along with Linden, Valerian, Lavender Root to help aid sleep. The morning tea features Green tea, Echinacea and Achillea which helps invigorate the body.

If you’re in the Southside of Glasgow and looking to pick up some CBD/Hemp products you should definitely check out Left of Centre. Even if you’re just curious about CBD and its benefits, there’s loads of information and advice available in-store. More information about their products and opening times is available at the Left of Centre website.

It’s great to see such a supportive and welcoming community focused CBD outlet flourishing within the Southside of Glasgow.

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