Law Student Dealt Cannabis

Law students should bear in mind that selling cannabis will provide them with insight to the law, not to mention a criminal record

Morgan sought a law degree. Photo: Doug Coldwell

Morgan sought a law degree. Photo: Doug Coldwell

24-year-old Firase Morgan of Marylebone stood unsuccessfully for Labour in Hyde Park, Westminster, in the local council elections of 2014. He is an ambassador for Just for Kids Law, a charity, and seeks to persuade businesses to hire people with a criminal past, which won him an award for his impact on the lives of Londoners. Now, he is studying for a law degree at BPP University. It was his method of funding the law degree that got him in trouble.

The crime

At Hammersmith magistrates’ court, Morgan spilt the beans over possession of 28 baggies of cannabis for the purposes of supply. It was March 5 when he was arrested before the Gloucester, a pub on Sloane Street in Knightsbridge. Police had observed a woman dashing along the street and suspected she may have committed theft. She went to an ATM and then to the Gloucester. After emerging from the Gloucester, she approached a car in nearby Harriet Street in whose driver’s seat Morgan sat and plonked herself down beside him. She handed over two £20 notes and departed the car, two white wraps in hand.

Police came for a closer look at the car and detected a strong cannabis odour – obviously, this is something to avoid, and the man can’t really complain after being so stupid. They found 28 more bags concealed in the roof inside the car. The two in the possession of the woman, a member of staff of the pub, were recovered from her room over the establishment.

In the dock

A search of Morgan’s bedroom revealed £1,000 of cash which was the fruit of shameless criminality; he admitted that this was “student finance” – it funded his law degree. On April 21, he was scheduled to fly to Andorra, but that is the day he will be sentenced. He was taunted by the beak, Mike Snow, “If you commit serious crime, that’s one of the things you miss out on.” Looks like he isn’t going to be a lawyer after all. When he stood for the council, he professed himself to be “a positive role model” for young people. If he wishes to continue with politics, he’d better switch to the Lib Dems.

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