Kosher Dream Strain Review

A great greenhouse Sativa strain with some unspecified genetics.


So I did some looking around online for some information on this strain and Kosher dream has a brilliant uniqueness about it. From what I gathered I imagine it is one of the Indica dominant kosher strains crossed with a blue dream plant or a variation of one.


Well what can I tell you here, I can tell you kosher definitely does not mean weak. This strain comes with a great uplifting head high that is great for stress relief with effects that may sit uneasy with a new or casual consumer. It is a strain that allows you to move around and continue your day with ease in low doses but if you’re the type of guy or girl that likes to smoke five blunts for breakfast you’ll be making a couch a home for a few hours. Overall a strain with good uplifting sativa effects but a noticeable indica side too.


At first sniff I thought it was a rather citrusy sweet strain but on breaking the bud you are hit with a wave of skunky earthiness that took me by surprise. The taste of the smoke is a rather harsh one with that earthy smell taking dominance with a slight tinge of lemon. Not the most pleasurable smoke but rather unique.

In the Vape

Kosher dream has a brilliant uniqueness about it. Suprisingly the pungent earthiness of this strain almost completely disappears completely in the vape and replaced with its citrusy sweetness. The strain tasted best between the 180 °C and 200 °C mark.

Kosher Dream Marijuana Strain ReviewLooks

The buds are pretty dense but also have amazing patterns of calyxes and trichrome covered leaves. From my memory the only other similar looking strain I have come across was Casey Jones which also formed similar impressive patterns.


Great uplifting daytime strain for ailments such as depression and anxiety with added boosts of energy and creativity to take on your problems for the day head on. A lovely strain for any stoner.


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