Son of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn criticises police for raiding homes with small amounts of cannabis.

Tommy Corbyn, youngest son of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has taken to social media to complain about the “obnoxious trend” of police bragging about their raids on social media.

Tommy runs a CBD shop and Café in Finsbury Park, North London called National Hemp Service. The shop sells licensed CBD products and often champions the cause of the legalisation of both hemp and marijuana across the UK.

Tommy commented on a now deleted post from the East Dorset Police Facebook page. On it, he wrote,

The obnoxious trend of local police forces boasting about aggressive house raids for TINY amounts of cannabis, just for the likes, really pisses me off. 

This ‘successful’ seize looks like less than half an ounce of cannabis and a whopping £40(?!?) in cash.

IF you can afford it, you can go to a private doctor on Harley Street and pay for an ounce of your very own ‘legal’ cannabis.

It has all the same cannabinoids, it has THC, it IS psychoactive, and you could grow the exact same strain at home.

Yet the people who have access to that expensive, exclusive ‘legal’ cannabis don’t risk their front door being kicked in. They don’t risk losing custody of their kids. They don’t risk going to prison. The system rewards their privilege with safety.

Whoever this was done to, if you need any help finding legal support groups, I’m on [email protected] and would be happy to put you in touch”

He reiterated his complaints on Twitter and posted the photos that the police shared on their social media page. The photos show a door that has been smashed in and destroyed and another photo shows the items that were confiscated during the raid. The photo of the seized items shows a small amount of cannabis, a thin stack of money, and a small electric scale. Despite the law stating that less than two ounces of pot does not constitute “the intention to supply”, the police mentioned in their post that the man was arrested on suspicion of the supply of drugs. 

There was an outcry of support in the comment sections. Sophie Wilson, a Labour Council member and parliamentary candidate for Rother Valley, wrote, “Embarrassing behaviour from that police force. Smashed the door down because of ‘community intelligence’ i.e a neighbour complained about the smell.” One commenter pointed out the grim financial reality of the raid, “If he sold all that weed, even with the £40 cash he still wouldn’t have enough money replace the door the police destroyed.

Despite medical marijuana being legal in the UK, the police still unfairly demonise and target low level drug users. In an almost ludicrous display of hypocrisy, quite a few Tory politicians who often rail against the use of recreational marijuana have serious financial investments in the cannabis industry.

Tommy’s café has contacted the East Dorset Police for comment and have offered to talk to them about community policing. As of writing, they have had no response.

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