This criminal used to sell ice cream at Legoland in Windsor. Photo: Rob Young

This criminal used to sell ice cream at Legoland in Windsor. Photo: Rob Young

On 11 November 2016 at Columbia Road, Bournmouth, 23-year-old Sami Lane, aka Samiur Ali, answered the door to officers of the law who had a warrant to search the place as a result of a stop and search by the Metropolitan Police. He informed them, “I’ll be honest with you – I’ve got a little bit of cannabis in the flat.”

That’s one big ?little bit?

The ?little bit of cannabis” turned out to be worth between ?8,000 and ?11,000, and he also had ?5,962 of cash. Four yellow bags emblazoned with the word ?gold,? containing ecstasy to the value of ?1,000 to ?2,000, were also discovered. Along with ?unexplained deposits to bank accounts,? he was believed to have committed wrongdoing to the tune of about ?27,000.


Lane made no attempt to escape detection, telling the filth he had drugs in a container under his bed, a kitchen cupboard and a rucksack. He claimed the drugs were for his own use. His silk, Claire Stevenson, revealed, ?He got into using drugs at university? and that he has ?an addictive personality,? which led him deeper into trouble over a period of four years. As she put it, ?He fell into the trap.? She told Bournmouth Crown Court he didn’t sell the drugs but was only ?minding them.? Nevertheless, he pled guilty to possessing drugs with intent to supply.

But he’s a good egg, really

Lane had no prior convictions. After graduating from Bournmouth University with a degree in digital media, he has worked in marketing for such companies as Nestle. He also sold ice cream at the Legoland theme park in Windsor in the summer, but after his brush with the law over his ?little bit of cannabis,? he will not be permitted to continue. A cannabis farm with 50 plants was recently discovered at a bungalow that was outside the park but owned by Legoland.

One cool judge

The beak, Adam Feest, announced that ecstasy ?can kill very easily.? He commented that sentencing guidelines suggested Land be imprisoned for something from three to four-and-a-half years, adding, ?I’m going to pause so you can think about that.? But he remarked that Lane still had ?a reasonably bright future? despite ?this significant stain on your character.? He had no wish to ?blight? Lane’s future, so he suspended the two-year sentence for two years and decreed that Lane conduct 210 hours of unpaid toil, be given an electronically monitored curfew for 12 months, carry out 10 days of rehabilitation activity and pay ?200 of costs.

The judge also mentioned that his role was part-time, but “If you breach the order, I will make it my business to come back and re-sentence you.? This sentence would unquestionably be gaol time. He warned, ?If you doubt I am a man of my word, try me out, and you will find I am.?

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