Caffeine, known scientifically as C8H10N4O2 and the active ingredient of coffee, is the most popular stimulant on this earth. Folk drink more than 2.2 bn cups of coffee each day. The British Coffee Association states that it’s the most popular drink in the world. Surely CBD and coffee is a match made in heaven: the coffee gives you a jolt while the CBD keeps you relaxed and benefits health generally. Balancing energy and calmness in this fashion is perfect for improving focus, which benefits your work or study.

You can get coffee that includes CBD. Photo: Angela CoffeeRank

You can get coffee that includes CBD. Photo: Angela CoffeeRank

People love it

Many people love CBD coffee. Dan Guy, who owns the Espresso Bay coffee shop in Traverse City, Michigan, remarked, “Since we started, a quarter to a third of our customers [have upgraded to] CBD drinks. I knew it would be popular but didn’t expect it to take off so fast.” The company owned by famed pop star Willie Nelson is making CBD coffee; that’s how hip it is.

It’s a painless way to take CBD

You might not remember to take CBD every day and get its medical benefits, but if it’s in your coffee and coffee-drinking is part of your routine, you won’t forget.

Why it’s good to take CBD and coffee together

CBD actually counteracts the bad things about coffee. Caffeine causes an irregular heartbeat, but CBD is good for heart arrhythmia. Anxiety is a common problem for those who overindulge in coffee to the extent that some athletes avoid it prior to competitions; CBD reduces anxiety, with Matt McGinn of the California-based cannabis product maker Fly Beverage Co commenting that CBD coffee gives you “caffeine without the jitters.” Drinking coffee regularly reduces the amount of serotonin in the brain, which can adversely affect mood, possibly resulting in depression; CBD has the opposite effect. Coffee causes high blood pressure – hypertension leads to some of the most common causes of death, among them heart attacks and strokes; CBD lowers blood pressure. One study found CBD to counter the impulsivity caused by caffeine in people with ADHD. CBD also alleviates stomach upsets, bowel problems and insomnia, which can all be caused by coffee.

How to take it

It’s possible to make CBD coffee by adding CBD oil to ready-made coffee. Or you can use coffee beans infused with CBD by coating the beans with CBD oil. This is, alas, not something that can be done at home. Worst still, it’s unfeasible if you prefer a particular blend of coffee.

CBD aficionados generally prefer the second method, claiming that the resultant drink tastes better and is more powerful; people often comment that adding CBD oil to coffee makes it taste and smell earthy. Another way is to add CBD to ground coffee, but this is less effective.

The CBD coffee shop to open most recently in the United Kingdom is in Shropshire.

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