Posting Cannabis in the Mail

If you're an EVIL DRUG BARON who posts his output, don't put your address on the envelope, OK?

The handwriting in this case wouldn't have been quite so poofy, but you get the idea. Photo: Karen

The handwriting in this case wouldn’t have been quite so poofy, but you get the idea. Photo: Karen

The cannabis growing of two 21-year-old men came to the attention of authorities when they cleverly posted their product to customers in envelopes bearing the former address of one. Employees at a Royal Mail sorting office happened upon three such packages. On Thursday April 21 2016, Matthew Whitton and Jason Wright, who reside in the one-time mining village of Langley Moor, confessed their sin and were sentenced at Durham Crown Court.

And what sinners they were!

The address had previously been occupied by Whitton. In another property’s attic, officers came across 17 marijuana plants plus growing equipment. The pair’s fingerprints were found on one package. Cannabis estimated to be worth anything from ?3,870 to ?5,440 was recovered.

?Cannabis aficionados?

Leemore Brien, for the prosecution, termed the two ?cannabis aficionados? who had been ?dabbling? in cannabis production in the hope of ?making a little bit of money here and there.? Whitton was in breach of a suspended sentence.

The court was told that Wright, an avid gardener and qualified tiler, had grown cannabis for around a year because he considered it to be healthy (which it is) but preferred to steer clear of drug dealers. He began smoking cannabis at the age of 15 after experiencing problems at school; he ceased his habit upon his arrest, which is sure to continue, oh yes. The judge, Christopher Prince, pointed out that the duo were ?trading with like-minded people? rather than, say, schoolkids, and described the operation as unsophisticated, particularly the address business.

Wight was given six-month’s jail suspended for one year plus 200 hours’ unpaid toil and was instructed to pay ?300 for prosecution costs. Meanwhile Whitton, who boasted eight prior convictions, received the same jail and unpaid work penalties while being obliged to fork out ?1,400 in fines and court costs.

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