Scientists, lawmakers, the police as well as the public have always had conflicting notions between for decades, over the reliability of a wide array of devices. Especially those that could be used to test the volume of alcohol in drivers plying the roads of the United States as well as a wide array of nations across the globe. This of course was in a bid to curb the rate of accidents caused by drivers plying the roads under the influence of alcohol.

Decades later, similar devices (THC Breathalyzers) have been created. Like those used for alcohol users, these new devices are available today thanks to the legalization of cannabis in a wide array of states across the US.

THC Breathalyzers

THC Breathalyzers are an amazing breakthrough in technology. These devices come in handy for the identification of the amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, in the breath of drivers in nations where cannabis has been made legal for medical and or recreational use.

Cannabis Legalization 

Taking to mind the fact that cannabis is legal in 33 states across the US means the inception of THC Breathalyzers-type devices will come in handy for the police. Especially to identify and detain car owners driving while using cannabis or even those high on cannabis. While the inception of this device signals a step in the right direction, legal experts and scientists opine that more time and research needed for the device to detect a driver’s impairment.

The Versatility of the THC Breathalyzer

Taking to mind the very many weed breathalyzers on offer today, the THC breathalyzer uses carbon nanotubes. Most of which are 1/100,000 the size of human hair and most importantly capable of detecting the presence of THC in a person’s breathe even in the presence of alcohol and other chemicals. This is made possible by the technology of the device, which possesses the ability to bind THC molecules to the surface of the tubes. 

By doing so, it alters their electrical properties. Nanotechnology sensors embedded in the device can detect THC levels comparable to or better than mass spectrometry. To the University’s Swanson School of Engineering, the THC breathalyzers are the ultimate standard for THC detection.

How the THC Breathalyzer’s Work

Amidst the different breathalyzers on offer today, their primary use is solely to determine the quantity of alcohol or THC in a person’s system. Enclosed below are some tips on how breathalyzers are used to detect THC in cannabis users.

To the Hound Labs, THC is surveyed to only stay in breath for about an hour or two after smoking cannabis. Based on their findings, the THC levels in cannabis after consumption drops to zero, three hours after consumption by smoking. With that said the moment an individual blows air into the breathalyzer, the breathalyzer then determines the presence of alcohol, THC, or both in the person’s system. 

Taking to mind the fact that THC is detected in a person’s breath for a two hours peak window, drivers are declared impaired the moment they test positive by the breathalyzers. The devices are designed to display “Warning” when THC is detected, and “Pass” when the user is clean. To Louisa Ashord, who happens to be the marketing manager for Hound Labs, the inception of the THC breathalyzers, is a step in the right direction. One, which is destined to ensure road, job site safety and of course promote fairness to consume cannabis both legally and responsibly. 

Header Image: Hound Labs

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