Metal Detecting is often seen as an excruciatingly dull hobby. Hours walking through fields, through all sorts of weather, only to find some worthless pieces of scrap metal. Well, this may be true, but for those who love the outdoors as well as cannabis, it can be a surprisingly rewarding experience.

We recently took a day trip out metal detecting with a couple of rollups and a portable vaporizer. The results were surprisingly cathartic, and one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve had while stoned.”

Location is Important

Make sure you know where you’re going before you head out hunting for treasures. Scout out the local area and perhaps have a look at some old historical maps to see if there are any locations which may give you a higher chance of finding something interesting. For our trip, we scouted out an old Roman road which used to cut through the outskirts of town. We planned a route which took us along the road and then broke off to explore some old Iron Age hill forts. Even before we headed out to detect, we learnt a whole lot about the local area and the historically important sites nearby which we never really knew existed.


The view from our vaping spot at the top of the iron age hill fort

Prepare yourself

We’d definitely recommend pre-rolling before you go, it sure does suck having to roll up a joint when the wind suddenly picks up. An even better choice would be to pre-grind some weed and then bring a portable vaporizer that you can simply refill. We brought along the lovely little Arizer Go which allowed for a stress-free stoning session every couple of hours.

One thing we didn’t prepare for was the munchies. Halfway through our exploration of some smaller Iron Age settlements, we realised we’d extinguished our feeble supply of sandwiches and potato chips. Coupled with the munchies, the amount of walking we were doing definitely impacted our motivation. A better choice may even have been to bring along some edibles…

Fresh Air Does You Good

We all know getting out into the fresh air is insanely beneficial. It can also mark a drastic change from usual surroundings in which people choose to get high. For many people, they may simply pop outside to have their joint or vape and then head back inside. Or some people may just stay inside to get high and never venture outdoors. While being in the outdoors while completely sober is still a thoroughly enjoyable experience, there’s something about being high outdoors which is really spiritually freeing. That might sound cheesy, but it’s true. Feeling all the elements hit your body; the rain, wind, smells. Combine this with venturing through vast historical sites, imagining what it may have looked like back in its hay day and there’s really nothing quite like it.

The Law of the Land

Metal detecting laws vary from country to country. It’s good practice to read up on the regulations before you head out digging through some farmers field. In some countries, like Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia, metal detecting is totally banned. In Scotland, where I come from, the law over metal detecting is rather unique. It uses the rule of bona vacantia, where “the Crown has claim over any object of any material value where the original owner cannot be traced.” A panel is set up and decides what the outcome of the historical finds will be. Failure to report any historical finds is a criminal offence. Usually, the monetary value of the item(s) is split 50/50 between the finder and the landowner.

An Experience Like No Other

Even if you’re out there alone metal detecting, I would definitely recommend taking a vaporizer or a couple of roll-ups with you next time you head out. You might just find it heightens the experience even more. Even the motions through which ones body moves while detecting, the constant swaying, left right, left right, offers up a kind of meditation that I’ve rarely experienced anywhere else.

Image via Ben30

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