This little coffee shop is tucked away in the south side of central Amsterdam?- their space cake will blast you right off into orbit.

During a recent trip to Amsterdam earlier this year,?we stumbled across a little coffee shop hidden away in the south side of central Amsterdam. Here I tasted and felt the effects of one of the most incredible edibles I’ve ever had.

The shop – Coffeshop D & L – is located along Govert Flinckstraat and right next to the beautiful?Saraphati?Park. It’s a small, cozy little space that has a generous selection on the menu and wonderfully comfy seating.

Space Cake - D&L Coffeeshop

The D&L Coffeeshop – via Dutch Coffeeshops.

Great Taste

The Space Cake itself was very more-ish – but I knew I had to stick to just one. It was a light buttery sponge with a small amount of icing which added just the right amount of sweetness.?I’ve had my fair share of edibles – shortbread, cookies, brownies, sweets – but I’ve never had such a deliciously light, tasty cake edible.

The space cakes were 5 euros each and went down a treat with a drink inside the coffee shop. After we finished our slices of cake – we ambled back to our hotel while the effects gradually began to wear in.

Wonderful Effects

When we got back to the hotel the munchies began to kick in hard – and I mean hard. We had just eaten dinner in town as well as our own Space Cake each. Somehow we still had to eat. We ordered so much Mexican food and manage to destroy every single bit of delicious quesadilla and tacos we ordered.

We both sat giggling in our gluttony and suddenly burst out with laughter at how extremely?high we were. Both of us smoked our fair share on the holiday – but this Space Cake had hit us like nothing else I’ve experienced.

Best Nap I’ve Ever Hard

With the food coma kicking in, we both slipped into a deep nap and I awoke with one of the most relaxed and refreshing feelings ever. Napping on edibles is always good, but this Space Cake made it ten times better. It was honestly the best nap I’ve ever had.

So, if you’re in Amsterdam and don’t know where to look for your next Space Cake – trying seeking out Coffeeshop D&L. Their deliciously moreish Space Cake will get you high as balls.

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