A man was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police on Monday 13 July 2020 for possession of a vast quantity of drugs. 34-year-old Yanwei Wang of Brooklyn, New York City, was charged with possession of drugs with intent to deliver, possession of paraphernalia and speeding.

What went down

There was one of these at the scene. Probably. Photo: kat wilcox

There was one of these at the scene. Probably. Photo: kat wilcox

In the evening in question, a trooper was sitting in a squad car on the southbound I-95 road in Bristol Township when he observed a Toyota Sienna that had a New York licence plate and was exceeding the speed limit. On this occasion, the moral of the story is that if you’re carrying a ton of dope, don’t speed. The trooper pulled the minivan over.

Wang, the driver, informed the trooper that he was on his way to Philadelphia from New York City to meet his uncle. The trooper thought he appeared nervous. The trooper then noticed four very large duffle bags in the back of the minivan. He asked Wang what they contained, and Wang replied that they held clothes and shoes but later changed his mind and stated that he had no idea what lay within.

A police K-9 unit – perhaps you call it a “dog” – was called to the scene and detected drugs in the vehicle. A search turned up 197 vacuum sealed bags of cannabis with around a pound of the stuff in each. There were also three smartphones.

Wang was arraigned by an on-call district judge late that night and jailed because he was unable to come up with $450,000 for bail.

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