Prince Charles advises MS sufferers to use cannabis. Photo: Victoria Johnson

Prince Charles advises MS sufferers to use cannabis. Photo: Victoria Johnson

A woman who suffers from multiple sclerosis harvested ?40,000-worth of cannabis each year in her council house at the suggestion of Prince Charles. Michelle X ? that’s her legal name ? is a 49-year-old grandmother who had a starring role on the Channel 5 programme, 37 Years on the Dole, and resorted to this Class B drug in order to self-medicate.

Prince Charles advocates cannabis usage

Speaking before Oxford Crown Court, X declared that in the 1990s, she watched Prince Charles speaking to another MS sufferer on television. He remarked, ?Have you tried cannabis? I’ve heard it is good for MS.”‘ Ms X thought that if Prince Charles, a Royal, was in favour, further investigation was warranted. And so she and her one-time boyfriend were arrested in July 2015 for running a cannabis farm. She was reacquainted with officers at her home on Lammas Close, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, the next month because she posted a picture of more plants online while out on bail. The jury returned a guilty verdict for the crime of producing cannabis, however, she was spared imprisonment by Judge Peter Ross.


When convicted, X, who receives ?150 a week in benefits, exploded, ?You are just costing yourselves and I’m just going to keep offending until the law is changed.? She added that she would continue using cannabis ?even if it ends up with me in gaol,? she was ?willing to give my entire life for it? and she stood by her words ?100 percent.?

Why she uses cannabis

X had informed the court that she was obliged to cease working and use a wheelchair when she was struck down by MS in 1987. She was forced – FORCED! – to use cannabis after 10 years of using conventional drugs that caused cancer and had other ?crippling? side effects. Cannabis halted her spasms and permitted her to stand up in court. She participated in medical trials and was qualified for cannabis-based medications that the NHS has approved, but these were unavailable in Oxfordshire. She began to grow the drug in August 2014.

X implored the beak to despatch her to gaol because growing cannabis had caused the initiation of her eviction from her council abode and she was unable to afford the services of street dealers. This judge failed to comply, not wishing to make X a ?martyr,? issued her a two-year conditional discharge and instructed her to pay ?200 of costs.

About the trial

The trial lasted three days and cost ?2,800. X cross-examined police and one drug expert with 18 years’ experience, whom the judge described as having ?met his match in terms of expertise.? The judge remarked to jurors, ?It is an unusual case, isn’t it? In my 12 years as a full-time judge, it is the first time I have had to deal with something like this.? He added that it was the role of neither him nor the jury to change the law. He was aware that NICE, the drugs regulator, had authorised cannabis-based drugs for the MS-afflicted but these were unavailable to X, who was, therefore, taking ?the only other course which she feels open to her.?

The Prince Charles bit in detail

Prince Charles had been conversing with 36-year-old wheelchair user Karen Drake during a visit to the Sue Ryder Home, a day care centre, in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1998. He has never indulged personally. Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, declared this to be ?splendid advice from a most unexpected source.? Queen Victoria is reported to have employed cannabis due to period pains.

You and Prince Charles can see X on Twitter.

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