grand daddy purple strain review

There’s a reason they call it Grand Daddy…


Grand Daddy Purple is one of the most well know indica strains out there. It’s a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Both of these strains throw their best bits into the creation of Grand Daddy Purple – with the Big Bug delivering huge dense nugs, and the Purple Urkle giving a pleasent berry aroma as well as vibrant purple hues.


Grand Daddy Purple has a plethora of effects which can be used to fill the needs of both medical and recreational users. Its strong psychoactive effects provide a cerebral head high along with feelings of euphoria. As the effects begin to wear down, or a lot of the strain is smoked, the sedative effects will begin to come through. It can be used to treat a number of problems – such as stress, apatite loss or insomnia. I wouldn’t go ahead and say you’re going to get much work done after you’ve had some Grand Daddy Purple, but if you’re someone who works at home, or just want to spend the day chilling inside, this strain is definitely perfect for such things.

Taste & Smell

The scent that comes from?Grand Daddy Purple is very pleasurable. It’s a lovely berry smell which isn’t too overpowering and becomes even more enjoyable once you break open the nug a little. Once you’ve lit some of this indo up in a joint or a bong you can definitely pick out the berry flavours, as well a nice earthy after taste.

In the vape

If you turn up the vape to about 180?C the terpenes create one of the most amazing tastes I’ve ever had?from a strain . A strong sweet/berry taste comes through and lasts a while before turning more earthy. ?The vapour it provides isn’t too harsh and seems to keep going for a long time. Once you kick the temperature up to around 200?C-210?C you will really begin to full the full sedative effects of Grand Daddy Purple.


grand daddy purple strain reviewGrand Daddy Purple sure is one gorgeous strain. It’s nugs are large and dense, with almost no signs of any stem. With this batch there seemed to be almost no purple at all on the nugs although I did?find some once I dig deeper into the dense rock like flowers. ?The nugs in this batch were almost all completely covered in wonderfully vibrant orange hairs unlike anything I’d ever seem on a nug before.


If you’re a big fan of big indicas you’re probably going to love everything about Grand Daddy Purple. It has the classic knock-you-back effect of most indicas, coupled with a strong cerebral buzz which lasts for a good while. It’s also especially good for those who are looking for pain relief.

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