Does GMO (Garlic Cookies) really smell like garlic? Yes.


GMO is an incredibly pungent cannabis strain bred by Divine Genetics. It’s a cross between Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookies, providing a great all rounder strain with plenty of flavours to boot. This particular product was produced by Terpalicious Extracts.

GMO Effects

GMO (Garlic Cookies) has a high THC content, with around 24% in bud form according to Leafly. I’m not sure of the exact percentage of this concentrate as it was not indicated on the packaging, but I’m going to assume it’s rather high. The potency makes it great for those who are seeking:

  • Euphoria
  • Motivation
  • Increased Appetite

Taste and Smell

There are a variety of different flavours and smells offered up by GMO Cookies. The initial smell that emits is the petrol like Chemdog, which then gives way to a more earthy / sweet smell that comes from the Girl Scout Cookies. The chemdog and GSC flavour mix together incredibly well and will come though best at low temperatures. Many other reviews claim that this strain actually smells like Garlic mushrooms, or Garlic onions, but I didn’t get such a savoury kick. There is for sure slight hint of what could be described as garlic, but nothing too intense.

On the Nail

It felt like a shame to break this stuff apart, but once you do, the smell hits you even more. At low temperatures, the flavours are sublime and some of the best I have had with any live resin for far. Clouds are thick and tasty, and you’ll definitely be back for more just because of how moreish the strain is. I always suggest consuming live resin at low temps in order to experience the amazing flavours packed within.


This stuff looks so good you could eat it. It has an amazing deep golden yellow colour. It’s mostly glossy, but there is also a slight matte look to it when you look from a distance.

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