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Ever since someone mentioned the name of a strain called Girl Scout Cookies I always had it at the top of my “Must try” list. It just sounded so amazing. After trying it last year for the first time and being blown away I now had a chance to try a different varient. The Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints version is a phenotype of the original Girl Scout Cookies. I’ve been told it had a slight mint taste too it so I was looking forward to see if this was true or not.girl scout cookies thin mints


Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints is a hybrid cross created from one of the most well know sativas – Durban Poison, and the even more infamous hybrid OG Kush.


The combination creates a incredibly cerebral and uplifting high when first smoked and then gently eases you into a relaxed state. For me this effect carried on throughout most of the day which made it much easier to sleep.


This is one area where the Thin Mints excels in. When smoked from a bong or a joint the taste has a very strong potency to it, creating an almost dab like taste. When you’ve got a nice batch it will burn with ease and create lovely, thick white smoke.

In the vape

Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints is a strain that goes well in a vape. It creates nice thick clouds of vapour which pack a decent hit. The taste is overall spicy with some minty and cocoa hints.

girl scout cookiesLooks

This strain is an absolute beauty. Its dense large calyxes and orange hairs are made even more stunning by its dark purple tones found all over the top of the bud.



This strain is great for medicinal and recreational users alike, creating a variety of different effects this strain definitely has something for everyone. You realise why it has become such a well known strain when you first lay your eyes on it.

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  1. […] This really is something special. I’ve tried Girl Scout Cookies before but I’ve never once known the THC content of each one I’d tried. This batch had actually been tested however, and the THC had been measured up to 28%. I knew I was going to be in for a mind blowing ride! If you’re looking for the “Thin Mint” version, check out our review! […]

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