Who wants cookies?

This really is something special. I’ve tried Girl Scout Cookies before but I’ve never once known the THC content of each one I’d tried. This batch had actually been tested however, and the THC had been measured up to 28%. I knew I was going to be in for a mind blowing ride! If you’re looking for the “Thin Mint” version, check out our review!


The Girl Scout Cookies strain comes from an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid and has become one of the most spoken of strains in the last few years. Durban Poison is one of the few landrace strains out there that is a 100% pure sativa, and mixing it with the indica dominant OG creates a very powerful strain.

girl-scout-cookies-strainIf you’re into weed that just plain lands you on your ass, while at the same time giving you an amazing head high, then the Girl Scout Cookies strain is the one for you. Everything this strain does, it does it to the max. Take one hit and you’ll be in a whole new realm of euphoria. Take a couple more and you’ll find yourself struggling to compete against the heavy effects of GSC which leave your eyes and cheeks feeling like gravity is pushing down harder and harder on them. Once you have succumb to Girl Scout Cookies strong THC levels, you’ll find yourself coming over with relaxation and able
to drift into a deep sleep.


The Girl Scout Cookies strain has a distinct flavour when smoked using a bong or a joint and I could even taste a slight hint of chocolate from time to time. The overall flavour is spicy/earthy and goes does smooth, leaving me with no desire to cough at all.

In the vape

The taste of Girl Scout Cookies is even more enjoyable when used in a vaporizer. Its spiciness is enhanced, giving off a pleasant peppery taste. I found the vapour to be quite harsh at higher temperatures (around 200°c-210°c) but the strain did give me one of the most intense vaporizer highs that I’ve ever had. It goes strain to your brain and leaves you almost thoughtless for a couple of seconds as it first hits.


I’ve been used to previous batches of the Girl Scout Cookies strain having long calyxes and a dark purple hue covering the entire plant. The nugs of this batch were a lot smaller and did not have near as much purple in them as before. There were also a lot more orange hairs, or pistils, present on the flower.


Brining a whole new level of excitement to the question “Who wants cookies?”, Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that will blow anyone away. Whether you’re someone who has the occasional puff or someone who smokes ten blunts a days, it’ll be sure to melt your brain. Girl Scout Cookies could be a bad choice for those just starting out however as it is a very powerful strain and can provide some very intense experiences.

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