On Thursday 23 July 2020, a woman in Florida faced arrest for attacking her father. She had become enraged because he shared his medical marijuana with his friends but declined to share it with her. Florida is one of the 33 US states that allows the consumption of cannabis for medical but not recreational purposes. Washington, DC, ain’t a state, mostly because that would lead to two more Democratic senators.

Dakota DiRienzoe's Twitter page demonstrates that she likes cannabis. Photo: Cambodia4kids.org Beth Kanter

Dakota DiRienzoe’s Twitter page demonstrates that she likes cannabis. Photo: Cambodia4kids.org Beth Kanter

Dakota DiRienzoe is 22 years old, 4’11” tall and a student at a community college outside New York. In the course of the attack, she pulled her father, Luigi, who is 59, down to the ground and attempted to grab his genitals. His shirt got torn. She sustained scratches to her back; hopefully, this means he fought back. The medical marijuana-related struggle ensued in the trailer where he resided in the Pelican Way mobile home park in the town of Sebastian, somewhat north of Vero Beach. His girlfriend witnessed the occurrence.

DiRienzoe’s arrest was for misdemeanour battery. Her release from the county jail the next day was in return for $1,000 bail. She will appear in court on August 18. The judge forbade her from contacting her father.

DiRienzoe’s social media accounts testify to her liking for cannabis. At the top of her Twitter page is a photo of a large cannabis plant. One post includes the quote: “I don’t smoke to party or to just get high. I smoke because of the way I look at life when I’m high.” Her Instagram page is private but apparently includes a link to an online petition demanding a change to the definition of hemp to allow it to contain as much as one percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, which gets you stoned). Currently, it must be no more than 0.3 percent to be legal.

He had 197 bags of cannabis

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