Know What You’re Buying

First things first – don’t buy from a non-reputable source. If you buy shit weed, that’s on you. Make sure you head to a dispensary that you know and trust. The best thing about buying from dispensaries compared to off the streets is that you get to see up front. Some stores might even let you try before you buy. Most dispensary workers know what they’re talking about and will be able to give you in-depth knowledge about each cannabis strain and their origins. Wikileaf is a great place to search dispensary locations near you.

Airtight Container


The humble mason jar is one of the best ways of storing cannabis

Make sure it’s got a good seal. If you get a container that doesn’t have something like a silicone seal to keep air from escaping then you’re weed going to dry out a hell of a lot quicker. There’s also the fact that smell from your freshly bought bud will escape, leaving unwanted guests a chance to get their hands on it.

Mason jars are also a great choice when it comes to storing your cannabis. Due to their large size, mason jars also make a good home for large quantities of cannabis. Again, make sure they’ve got a high-quality seal and a closing method that doesn’t?drive you nuts. Basically, a good seal is all you need to keep your weed fresh for at least a couple weeks.

Adding Some Humidity

If you want to keep your weed fresher for longer periods of time, there are a few supplements out there which you can add to you bud storage. The ones I like to use the most are the Humidipak’s by a US company called Boveda, who specialize in humidity control for a whole range of different industries. Not only do these nifty little packs keep your weed fresher for longer, they also help prevent the loss of terpenes on your nugs. This means that your cannabis will stay tastier for much, much longer. There also available in different RH (Relative Humidity) levels.

I tend to go for the medium 62% RH packs on Amazon. They’re cheap as hell and last for ages. If you’re storing weed in larger amounts and not planning on smoking it in a while the Boveda packs are your best bet. They also do HUGH 60gb packs which are perfect for insane amounts of weed. By the way, this post isn’t?sponsored by Boveda or anything, I just think they’re such a good product!

So that’s that. Now you know how to keep your weed fresh and even rejuvenate it! Get yourself a good quality jar and a nice humidity supplement and your cannabis will preserve it’s dankness for days on end.


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