Feed The Birds Cannabis
Feed The Birds Cannabis

An example of the cannabis scattered by Feed The Birds

A cannabis plant thought to have been planned by the cannabis legalisation group “Feed The Birds” has been removed by police. However the decision has caused much to the dismay of the local towns cannabis club.

Chairman of the Devon club, Daryl Sullivan has criticised the police decision to uproot the plant commenting “I can’t say I’m surprised it was removed but I would only want to reiterate that no crime has been committed.”

“This protest is perfectly legal. Cannabis seeds are not prohibited. The law is only broken once an individual in any way tends to the plant, waters it, or tries to harvest it.

“I would like to ask the police on what grounds they have removed it and whether they think this is an appropriate use of their time and resources.”

The Feed The Birds campaign focuses on spreading information and awareness by scattering random cannabis seeds throughout the country.

For more up to date information on the Feed The Birds community please visit their website.


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