Cannabis Seizure

Wonderful stuff that it is, the origins of your cannabis can be bad

Are you hosting a cannabis farm? Photo: Lydia

Are you hosting a cannabis farm? Photo: Lydia

Figures released by the small business insurer, Direct Line for Business, showed that 366,841 cannabis plants were recovered by police in England and Wales in 2014/15 ? more than 1,000 a day. West Midlands Police was in the lead with over 54,700, 15 percent of the total, followed by Greater Manchester Police with 41,569 and the United Kingdom’s largest force, the Met, next placed with 38,369.

Where does it all come from?

94 percent of cannabis farms are located in domestic premises. Nick Breton, who heads Direct Line for Business, described cannabis farming as ?a big problem? for landlords in England and Wales because they can be prosecuted for permitting it and great damage to properties can result. Houses are preferred to flats as they offer more space. The most desirable locations have little through traffic, for instance cul-de-sacs.

You really don’t want to play host to a cannabis farm

One in 11 claims processed by Direct Line for Business for malicious damage to a property stems from cannabis farms, and these claims are 59 percent higher than the average. Damage encountered includes ceilings and walls knocked through and floorboards ripped out for ventilation, severe damage from the ungodly amounts of water required, fire, wiring ripped out and electricity meters bypassed. Landlords ought to ensure that their insurance covers malicious damage. In addition to damage and loss of rent, landlords might experience protracted legal wrangling over payment for damage and eviction.

How to detect cannabis farmers

To weed out the weed growers, Direct Line for Business recommends that landlords insist on references from previous landlords and photographic ID and they should beware of utility bills in different names and tenants who take excessive interest in the electricity supply or who wish to move in quickly. Properties should be regularly inspected; cannabis farmers are likely to ask to be excused. It’s wise to have a mobile phone number for tenants. Short-term lets are to be avoided. A house should not be allowed to become invisible, so greenery ought to be trimmed. Contact with neighbours is to be cultivated.

Some cannabis farming giveaways are an unusual degree of activity when tenants move in; paranoid behaviour by same; many visitors, particularly at night; greater security of the property; silver ducting tape hanging from windows; blacked out windows; humidity causing condensation on windows, peeling wallpaper and mildewed walls; excessive ventilation to avoid these; a pungent aroma, which might be masked by air fresheners and the like; a sharp rise in electricity bills; tampering with electrical wiring; noise; and powerful lights on even during the day. A cannabis farm is likely to be littered with plants, lights, reflective materials, soil, fertiliser, flasks, rubber tubing, bubble bags, scales, gas cylinders and bin bags full of vegetation. Rather than confronting suspected tenants directly, it’s best to contact the filth.

There’s a lot of it about

2.2 million Britons use cannabis, a rise of seven percent. According to statistics revealed in response to a parliamentary question by former Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, the number of people prosecuted fell 87 percent between 2011 and 2014.

If you have cannabis, you don’t need prescription drugs

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