Cypress Hill are back with their latest album, ‘Elephants on Acid’ in what to me seems like a really long time. Although they’ve constantly been releasing great stuff, this new album really feels like something so much bigger. Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog told reporters that the album is “a pure Cypress Hill album from start to end.  He’s pretty much right.

As soon as you listen you’re going to want a blunt in your hand. That may be because the album is also a mega 21 tracks long, with multiple interludes. The intro ‘Tusko’ will set you straight in the mood for it with its chilled-out sitar that blends straight into ‘Band of Gipsies’ Arabic vocals.

The most enjoyable thing about the album from the first initial listen was the impactful, thumpingly bassy tracks, befitting the album’s title of ‘Elephants on Acid’. The bass on tracks like ‘Falling Down’ and the non-stop tuba on ‘Reefer Man’.

Further through the album, you’ll encounter mind-bending interludes like ‘Elephant Acid’ and ‘Thru the Rabbit Hole’ which exude chill, almost manic feelings. The recurring piano pieces in many of the tracks at first, as well as the bellowing elephant trumpets on ‘LSD’ give them an almost carnival-like quality.

From what I’ve read there seems to be a lot of hate about this album, but I really don’t understand why. This stuff is pure Cypress Hill!


Release Date: 28 September
Record Label: BMG





Header Image via Rolling Stone

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