Name: Coffeeshop Reefer
Location:?Sint Antoniesbreestraat 77, 1011 HB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm
Sells: Flowers/Edibles/Hash/Drinks


Coffeeshop Reefer is located at 77 Sint Antoniesbreestraat in Amsterdam. It’s just outside of the?Red Light District?located on a wide open corner. On the?business’s?Facebook page?it states?that “Kwaliteit is onze eerste prioriteit…” or?”Quality is our?top priority…”. They definitely stay true to their word. The shop is also right near the?Rembrandt House Museum, so combining the two spots into the one trip is always a good plan.



The shop is neighbours with the?Bluebird Coffeeshop, but it seemed as though Coffeeshop Reefer was the much less busy?of the two. The exterior of the shop isn’t?as extravagant?as other coffee shops within the area but the red neon sign brandishing the words “Coffeeshop Reefer” is attractive nonetheless.

The interior of the shop is reminiscent of a traditional?bar-style with dark wooden tables and chairs and a row of stools lined up at the bar. While quite dark and drab, the atmosphere within the place is surprisingly?relaxed and cosy.

Toward the back of the shop is the bar, which sells all of the cannabis-related merchandise. Further towards the main entrance is a long bar with stools which sells a wide variety of drinks including tea and coffee.

Upstairs is a small seating area with a glass balcony that overlooks the main room downstairs. It’s a chill spot to sit and even if the coffee shop is slightly busy, you still feel as though you have plenty of space due to the open setting.

Prices and Menu

There’s an extensive menu with a wide variety of different strains. There’s also various kinds of hash and edibles for those who want them. The drinks were a little expensive?and like a lot places in Amsterdam, you had to pay 50 cents to use the toilet. This seemed worth it in exchange for the inviting?atmosphere and delectable menu.

This was a little bit of Silver Haze they had on sale at ?6.50 per gram

We managed to grab a nice bit of Silver Haze which was particularly good. It rolled up nicely and gave a good stone whilst sitting on the top mezzanine level of the coffee shop. From here you can overlook the street accompanied by a light cooling breeze that drifts in from the open windows.

There were options for every price range, as well as pre-rolled joints which were selling for around ?5 each. The bags were slightly over-weight too. The experience was made even more enjoyable by the polite and helpful staff who clearly had great intelligence and passion for the products which they were selling.



Coffeeshop Reefer is a great coffee shop to stop off at for those who are looking to pick up a little smoke before heading to the see the sights of the red light district. It also has a nice wide open space for sitting which makes it perfect for larger groups of people looking to chill in the sun.



As soon as you leave the shop you’ll be able to enjoy sights like this.


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