CBD has many benefits. Here’s yet another: it improves your golf performance. This was shown by a study that was the first of its kind by Shot Scope alongside the independent research agency Sports Marketing Surveys. Shot Scope makes gadgets that monitor goings-on at golf courses, tracking every shot taken.

CBD betters your golf performance. Photo: Chun Xia

CBD betters your golf performance. Photo: Chun Xia

Details of the study

100 devout golfers were examined, spread evenly by age and handicap. They took Darren Clarke CBD Oil every day for two months while golfing as normal. Shot Scope employed its golf performance monitoring technology, the leader in its field, to look at shots in their tens of thousands.

How things improved

These golfers improved by 1.16 shots per hole, which is impressive given that golf revolves around marginal gains. They were able to hit balls over 2% further, with 71% gaining an average of 9.8 yards.

Holes generally require two putts. In golf, there is dread for three-putts. 61% of the golfers who used CBD three-putted much less. Initially, these people three-putted every 13.1 holes but, after taking CBD, this got better to the tune of every 23.4 holes.

Gavin Dear, Shot Scope’s chief commercial officer, described the study as “ground-breaking” and commented that to find CBD had “a genuine positive effect on golf performance has been eye opening.”

Sports Marketing Surveys surveyed the players. 79% felt their existing injuries improved. Sleep quality, mindset while playing and recovery between rounds improved for 77%.

”This will blow the door wide open”

Richard Payne, a director of Sports Marketing Surveys, declared that he believed “this will blow the door wide open for a deeper discussion on the use of CBD for golf.” Famous golfers use CBD, possibly including none other than Tiger Woods. Any golf shop you visit will likely stock CBD products.

How CBD helps with golf

An 18-hole course will usually take four hours to complete, which is a long stint of physical activity. Golf isn’t a contact sport, but it can be stressful, particularly on the elbows, hips, shoulders and wrists. Problems arise if swings are poorly executed, grip is incorrect or muscles aren’t warmed up.

CBD reduces inflammation and promotes injury recovery. Taylor Massey, director of golf for Medterra CBD, declared, “CBD can help to restore your body to have you ready to play golf as often as you’d like.” Many golfers have found CBD to do away with the need for over-the-counter painkillers. These have nasty side effects and are often habit-forming.

CBD makes emotional regulation and sleep better. Sleep matters: a study by Stanford University discovered that increasing sleep by a few hours improved the accuracy of basketball players.

Whether you’re playing golf for fun or a living, it can be stressful. The brain releases neurotransmitters in times of stress. In dangerous situations, this can be life-saving when people run away or fight. You don’t want this, however, when you play golf. CBD reduces stress. Studies have shown that taking CBD prior to undertaking a stressful task, like public speaking, lowers anxiety.


The activity may not be as obviously dangerous as downhill skiing or physically demanding as cycling, but CBD clearly benefits golf performance.

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