Marisa Tomei has appeared on television and in numerous films. She has won many awards, among them a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for My Cousin Vinny in 1992. (She was also nominated twice.) And she sang the praises of CBD foot cream.

In an interview with Vogue at the end of 2021, she credited CBD foot cream with minimising her foot pain “when you’re wearing heels at night, or you’re going to be standing for a long period of time.” She is “a big fan” of Lord Jones’s Stilleto Cream.

Marisa Tomei sang the praises of CBD foot cream. Photo: David Shankbone

Marisa Tomei sang the praises of CBD foot cream. Photo: David Shankbone

One New York Times journo was skeptical but was won over after trying CBD foot cream and wearing stilettos: “Bottom line: My feet really did not really hurt. The worst they felt was a little sore. ‘I think it’s working!’ I said all week to everyone who would listen.”

Others agree

Others echoed Tomei. One woman works in a warehouse, so she’s on her feet all day. She enthused, “I was always in a lot of pain every day. I decided to try the Stiletto Cream, and now I only have a little bit of pain at the very end of my workday.”

Another woman works in food service, which keeps her on her feet for five to nine hours a day. She applies CBD foot cream when she gets home, which she claimed relieves foot pain and softens her feet.

Then there was the one who noted that CBD foot cream “makes my feet feel like a baby’s butt.” They also started to use it on such trouble spots as the neck and shoulders, calling it “a godsend.”

You only need to put a little bit on each heel. CBD foot cream can take effect within minutes, but it might take as much as an hour. It’s thick, which helps it penetrate the skin of our soles and heels. The skin here is tougher than that of our hands, faces and torsos. CBD foot cream works immediately, whereas consumed CBD oil takes time to reach the digestive system.

It’s also good for dry or cracked skin.

CBD foot cream is also good for dry or cracked skin. The skin-hydrating properties of CBD are well known. The cream also usually contains hemp seed oil, a natural moisturiser. One reviewer exclaimed, “My very dry heels are so much softer, and my achy feet feel rejuvenated!”

CBD foot cream is good if you wear high heels because it’s anti-inflammatory. It also helps fend off athlete’s foot, gout and blisters.

Marisa Tomei isn’t alone

Tomei isn’t the only sleb to come out in favour of CBD foot cream. Eight-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close, who starred in Fatal Attraction and Dangerous Liaisons, was another, and there are more.

There’s even a study

One study in 2015 found CBD to relieve inflammation and arthritic pain in rats.

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