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Is sex with cannabis better?

Studies have shown that taking cannabis improves sex, although none incorporated horrific beasties like this; even so, the lady appears to be enjoying herself. Photo: Anthony Easton

Studies have shown that taking cannabis improves sex, although none incorporated horrific beasties like this; even so, the lady appears to be enjoying herself. Photo: Anthony Easton

You already knew a little marijuana could work wonders in the bedroom, but now there’s a study to prove it, entitled Endocannabinoid system in sexual motivational processes: is it a novel therapeutic horizon? and published in the journal, Pharmacological Research, on November 21 2016.


This was a review by the University of Catania in Italy and the Czech Republic’s Charles and Masaryk Universities that looked at pre-clinical trials and studies conducted in the 1970s and 1980s which used human subjects. 70 percent of users were found to experience better sex after taking the drug. No difference between sexes was revealed, while pharmaceutical aphrodisiacs are more successful with men.

So why hasn’t there been more of this?

Cannabis is the most widely-used illegal drug, and it has been known to produce better sex for thousands of years, however, there has been little interest from the scientific community due to the drug’s illegality, which makes research difficult.

What happens

Just why cannabis should result in better sex is not known. When someone ingests it, chemicals therein attach themselves to molecules in the brain known as cannabinoid receptors, which affect coordination, cognition, memory and pleasure.

The studies

A 1970 study by Erich Goode, a professor of sociology at Stony Brook University and an author, found that frequent but not heavy cannabis use resulted in better sex in around 70 percent of subjects. Another study from 1983 that was published in The Journal of Sex Research interviewed a load of people who were sexually active, college-aged and mostly heterosexual, with more than two-thirds reporting heightened sexual pleasure. The authors wrote, “Many felt marijuana was an aphrodisiac.”

Not every study agrees

On the other hand, a study by Cairo University in 1971 interviewed hundreds of males who were imprisoned between 1967 and 1968 for using hashish. A mere 23.8 percent reported greater sexual pleasure afterwards.

But not too much, OK?

The amount smoked mattered. Smoking less than one joint a week caused dramatically less sexual enhancement. A study in 1974 led by Wayne Koff, now CEO of the Human Vaccine Project, found that higher doses impinged upon sexual functioning: less is more. Same as with alcohol, really. Research has found that there was thrice as much erectile dysfunction in daily cannabis smokers as in those who didn’t indulge: Indian yogis and others take cannabis for exactly this reason.

Expectations can influence results in these matters. Also, there was less THC – the principal psychoactive element of cannabis – in cannabis back then.

So what?

If cannabis joins ginseng and the maca root vegetable in the wafer-thin category of proven aphrodisiacs, this could possibly exert a major effect upon the erectile dysfunction drug market. The benefits to women are also not to be overlooked, with women often being ignored in this field. A small pink pill known as “the female Viagra” was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2015 but has failed to attract consumers.


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