A study, The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women, recently appeared in the journal Sexual Medicine. It found that cannabis made women have more orgasms – twice as many. It took place at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine in Missouri.


One of the biggest studies ever

While there are tons of anecdotes about it, there has been limited scientific study of the effects of cannabis on sexual function. This was one of the largest studies into this to date. It took place from March 2016 to February 2017. Anonymously completed questionnaires at a single gynaecology practice provided the data. To limit the effect of bias, the questions about cannabis appeared further into the questionnaire. The questionnaire didn’t define what “sex” was.

What was found

The women were mostly straight and white. Of the 373 who took part, 47 percent used cannabis. Of these, 34 percent used it prior to rumpy pumpy. Of the women who used cannabis before sex, 68.5 percent found it made things better. 60.6 percent reported increased sex drive. 52.8 percent had good orgasms. Women experienced less pain, but lubrication was no better. They had more orgasms – 2.13 times as many. Women who used cannabis frequently, be it prior to sex or not, had 2.1 times more orgasms.

Even more studies came to the same conclusion

Other studies have found the same. 53.5 percent of the women examined by Palamar et al in 2018 had better sex, with 31.6 having increased desire. Dawley et al in 1979 and Koff in 1974 agreed.

So why is it?

While the reason cannabis makes women have more orgasms is not known, we can take a guess. It might be because it lowers stress. Or possibly it slows the perception of time so pleasurable sensations seem to last longer. Or maybe it lowers sexual inhibitions and increases confidence. Cannabis certainly heightens the sensations of hearing, smell, sight, taste and touch. In 1982, Halikas et al discovered that regular users of cannabis who were female and took the drug before sex had a heightened sense of touch and felt physically closer to their partners.

How the study’s lead author got interested

Dr Becky Lynn is the lead author of the study and an associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Saint Louis University. She took an interest in cannabis and sex after hearing from a number of patients that cannabis assisted with their sexual problems. They included women for whom sex was painful, who could not achieve orgasm or who wished to improve their libido.

What’s next?

Cannabis might make sex worse by causing a dry mouth or “getting stuck in your own thoughts.” Neither is terrible. This study might open the door to the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. Many medications exist for the treatment of male sexual problems, but there’s only one for women.

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