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The great drama of the working class, "Coronation Street," will feature a storyline where a character takes cannabis to relieve pain

You see this if you do the tour. Photo: Mikey

You see this if you do the tour. Photo: Mikey

The decades-old soap opera, Coronation Street, the longest running in all the world, has been widely praised for a storyline where a character employs cannabis for pain relief, bringing the issue to national attention ? each episode of Corrie is watched by between five and eight million viewers. The matter was discussed on Good Morning Britain and Twitter was aflame. It even made it to Huffpo.

But I’m telling you the plaht!

Izzy Armstrong, played by Cherylee Houston, has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, and is confined to a wheelchair, making her the soap’s first disabled character. This week, she will inform her friend, Erica Hulroyd (Clare King), that she is in much pain following an accident where she dislocated her hip at the factory where she works and the drugs she was prescribed work not. Hulroyd notices Armstrong’s condition when she struggles to carry a roll of fabric.

Hulroyd suggests cannabis, which Houston initially rejects but later comes to terms with because, oh my god, the agony is just too much. Hulroyd obtains some for her pal, handing it over in the back yard of the Rover’s Return pub. In return, Armstrong teaches her how to sew, being averse to charity. A source told the Daily Mirror that this is, for Armstrong, ?a last resort.? The source also revealed that ?the show has researched this issue extensively? and the actress who plays Armstrong is ?excited by the new twist for her character.? The implications of the illegal action will be highlighted.

OK, so cannabis has come to Corrie in the past

Corrie has previously tackled medical cannabis, in 2013 when pensioner Sylvia Goodwin concocted cannabis brownies to handle the pain of her arthritis and inadvertently served them at Roy’s Rolls. That didn’t cause such a fuss, possibly because Goodwin is not as popular as Armstrong.

In 2014, one of Corrie’s other cast members, 21-year-old Brooke Vincent, made the papers when she was observed sharing a joint with friends outside the Bulldog Cafe coffee shop in Amsterdam, where she was said to have purchased this EVIL DRUG. She had previously informed fans ?I don’t take drugs? through the channel of the Daily Star (?They can put you in a situation that can wreck your life and the lives of those around you? – yeah, right).

Watch it if you’re common

Famously, common people watch Corrie. Socialist Worker saluted it as the ?Soap that gave north?s working class a voice.? The show’s creator, Tony Warren, twice attempted to interest the BBC in it, but was turned down because it was ?too common.? It premiered on ITV in 1960.

39 percent of viewers are in social classes D and E ? semi- and unskilled working class and parasites – while only 12.5 percent are As and Bs ? upper-middle and middle class. Even more common people – 44 percent – watch Emmerdale Farm, while only 9.5 percent are ABs . The British soap with the largest middle class audience is Nyyybours – a whole 21 percent, with only 33 percent being downright common.

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