cannabis jail sentence

...and a fine of ?1,500

Chocolate cake Photo: Pamela McCaffrey

Chocolate cake Photo:
Pamela McCaffrey

Chocolate cake. Photo: Pamela McCaffrey

Chocolate cake. Photo:
Pamela McCaffrey

A 26-year-old Frenchman has been given a suspended eight-month jail sentence and a fine of 1,500 euros after giving five colleagues a chocolate cannabis cake he prepared himself. To the newspaper, L’Echo Republicain, he lamented, “I didn’t think twice. I thought it would be funny.”

What went down

The man’s colleagues however, weren’t laughing. OK, apart from the one who was seized by a fit of the giggles. All suffered dizziness and increased heartrate which caused them to be taken to hospital. They worked in the butcher section of a supermarket in Chartres, 96km southwest of Paris, which was obliged to close for half a day.

The judge did not accept that this heinous crime was not premeditated: “A cake takes work. There’s plenty of time for reflection while you’re adding the eggs, mixing in the flour and leaving it to bake.”

Why the geezer might not have been thinking straight

Colleagues revealed that the sordid criminal had recently broken up with another staff member and was perhaps not in a normal frame of mind. He was convicted of possession and use of drugs and the administration of harmful substances with premeditation. 3g of cannabis was used.

One more cannabis cake gaol sentence story

This is not the first time space cake earned a suspended sentence. In 2013, a 21-year-old student received a four-month suspended sentence and was instructed to perform 180 hours of community service after dishing out cannabis cake to a teacher and five fellow students. The group had been in Arras, Pas-de-Calais for an entrepreneurs’ competition.

After dinner the night before the contest, the student doled out the cake. The six became mildly delirious and experienced hot flushes. Food poisoning was suspected and other teachers summoned an ambulance at around 22:30.

The party was taken to hospital, where it was determined that the cause of their upset was cannabis intoxication. Worst hit was the teacher, who flapped his arms wildly, “behaving like a bird,” as reported by La Voix du Nord. Possibly fearing he might attempt to take flight, staff confined him to a room.

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