Bubblegum Strain Review

It's damn, damn good.

Bubblegum is a strain that stays true to its name. That’s right, it actually tastes like bubblegum. Aside from it’s great taste, bubblegum packs a punch with it’s high THC count and euphoric high.Bubblegum Strain Review


The origins of Bubblegum are sort of clouded, with some growers saying that the strains heritage leans more to the indica side and others arguing that it’s more to the sativa side. Judging by the looks and smell of the strain I received it kind of resembled a strain I’ve had called Master Bubba, so I decided to go with the conclusion that the strain I had was a more indica version of bubblegum.


Upon smoking this strain I felt a mix of indica and sativa effects kicking in almost instantly. After the initial euphoria settles down, the effects turn more mellow and relaxing, leaving you able to get up and do things without the added couch-lock of Bubblegum’s brother Bubblegum Kush.


When smoked from a bong or a joint Bubblegum gives of a distinct sweet taste but doesn’t really leave you with any other flavours in your mouth. To get the real flavours of this strain you’re going to want to use it in a vaporizer.

In the vape

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a strain that tastes anything like the real thing as much as thing one does. After taking a whiff from the bag you’re blown away by how much the stench resembles that sweet sweet bubblegum of your childhood. But surely it can’t taste that good? Well it does, and it’s damn, damn good.

bubblegum flashLooks

Depending on whether or not you’ve got the indica or sativa variation of Bubblegum the look of the bud may differ from grow to grow. From what I experienced the nugs were large, dark green, covered in sticky white crystals and had a few dark yellow hairs scattered around it.


I’d definitely recommend this to someone who’s trying out marijuana for the first time. The taste is a great way to start out and its mellow and relaxed effects go perfect with a first time user or someone who is looking for a more chilled out strain. The best way to enjoy Bubblegum is in the vaporizer as it allows you to experience its full flavour.

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