Bay Dream Strain Review

Stick Lana Del Ray’s ?High by the Beach? for this uplifting mind melting sunny day time strain – bay dream


Bay dream is roughly an 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid bred from a powerful combination of one of my favourite strains, Blue Dream, and a powerful sativa strain Bay 11. The combination of these two highly potent sativa strains make for quite a cerebral cocktail indeed.


Enjoy some Bay Dream with your morning coffee and watch yourself turn into vessel of creative energy to help your production until lunchtime. I found Bay Dream was great for appetite loss, finding myself scouring the pantry for food 30 mins or so after every session. Bay Dream has great uplifting effects that have a good energy buzz as a bonus. Definitely a great daytime strain for an experienced consumer. This strain might be a little on the intense side for any anxiety or paranoia prone users however.


First of all l the smell of Bay Dream is not too noticeable for such a potent strain. From the smell there is mainly a musky earthy smell that isn’t a put off. It is also complimented by some welcoming subtle citrus tones. The taste of Bay Dream in smoke form is not a repugnant one at all, it is smooth enough to smoke a fatty by yourself without your throat making too much of a fuss, it leaves an earthy aftertaste that makes you feel at one with nature.

In the Vape

Bay Dream is great in a vaporizer, the taste differs completely compared to smoking. The initial taste of Bay Dream in the vaporizer is comprised by a strong lemony/skunky smell that is surprisingly refreshing in the mouth. Afterwards you are left with an earthy aftertaste closer to the smell of the bud. With the Arizer Solo I managed to get a good 10-15 hits before the taste began to wear off.


Bay Dream Strain Review

Click for a close look…

Bay dream has very unique and splendour looking nugs. At first glance it doesn’t look like a close relative to most Blue Dream?strains I have come across. The outside consists of small, dark, almost occasionally black leaves, completely coated in honeycomb crystals. The inside of the bud retains a golden crystalline hue. A great overall look that was pretty unfamiliar to me.


Bay Dream is a top notch strain for those who love everything sativa. I found myself with a more advanced focus and energy than I do compared with a lot of strains. One of the best strains I’ve tried that gave me the extra oomph of creative spark.

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