Banana Pie in the form of gold coated THC-A Crystals is a delight to behold


I felt lucky to be able to get my hands this strain as it was in short supply. Banana Pie is also known to be quite rare, originating from the West Coast. It crosses Ghost OG and Skunk Haze to create an strain that is predominantly indica sided high. It also has a unique sent, which is often described as smelling like a bunch of ripe bananas.


Ghost OG is a great strain, one that provides a balanced, prolonged high without too many side effects. Mix this with Skunk Haze (a sativa dominant hybrid) and you get a very mellow/euphoric effect. This turns out to be an even greater attribute when consuming the strain in oil form. The initial hit from a dab rig is powerful and heads straight to the head. For the next 3 hours you’ll be calm and relaxed, with a slight hint of euphoria. The long lasting effects mean that this strain if perfect for those which chronic illnesses.

Taste and Smell

As soon as you unscrew the lid of Banana Pie, you’ll notice that the scent is defintely a unique one. I’m not sure if it was my brain playing tricks on me, but there may have been a slight banana hint. The majority of the smell comes from the Ghost OG, which brings forward that heavy, “Kushy” scent.

On the Nail

The banana taste doesn’t really come through at the mid-high temps, but that doesn’t really take away from the quality of the hit. With a cooler temperature you can bring out much more of the flavour, allowing you to appreciate the unique taste of this amazing strain. If you think about bananas while you taste it, your mind will probably make you think it tastes like banana.


Quite simply one of the most gorgeous cannabis products I have laid my eyes on in recent years. The THC-A crystals, coated in golden, sticky residue that is just begging you to get your dab tool deep in their and break it appart.


Nothing but good things to say about Banana Pie. It’s long lasting and will leave a smile on your face. Great for those who like to get long lasting effecting without consuming a lot. Also great for general anxiety and depression. Certainly an outstanding creation from Trilogy Oil!

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