The Arizer Air is all you’ll ever need

Pen vapes for oils and wax have become an extremely popular way of consuming concentrates, but high-quality pen vaporizers for dry herb are often hard to come by or come with an extremely high price tag. The Arizer Air, however, seems to be a unique exception, giving users incomparable quality without compromising on price or power. After 3 years of using this vaporizer, it’s hard for me to pick out any faults with it, and there’s definitely not much else which can stand up to it.


The Arizer Air is the first addition in Arizer’s Air series. The sleek, sturdy vaporizer was launched in 2014 and was the start of the company’s second portable vaporizer collection, which began with the chunkier, yet more powerful, Arizer Solo. The Air is powered by a single?18650 internal rechargeable?li-ion battery which can be removed. The main difference between the Solo and the Air is that the Air focuses on portability and the Solo sacrifices some of its portability in favor of power. I’ve owned both for well over 3 years now. After using the Air as my daily driver for over 2 years now I felt it was time to comment just how amazing this little vape is.


My Arizer Air – After Almost 3 Years Of Daily Use

Arizer Air Settings

The input for the device takes the form of two buttons which are used to turn the device on or off, mute or unmute the device, and to increase and decrease temperature. To turn on the vape, all you need to do is hold down the two buttons for a couple of seconds and the device will beep. A colored light will show, indicating the current battery level. It then switches to temperature control which can be increased or decreased. The Air automatically turns off after 10 minutes so as to save battery.? The Arizer Air can also be used while charging. Meaning that even if you forget to charge your battery, you’ll still be A-OK if you’re near a power socket. As I bought my device a few years ago, it didn’t come with a USB charger. If you’re after a USB charger version, check out the more recent Arizer Air 2.


Besides some scratches on the buttons, there’s thing else about the device which doesn’t look brand new.

Vapor Quality

The build quality of the Arizer Air allows it to produce extremely?impressive vapor for such a small device. At low temperatures the Air is able to slightly vaporize the terpenes of the plant, giving you the distinct taste of whatever strain it is you may happen to be smoking. Strains like Lemon Thai give off a sweet, citrus taste. Whereas strains such as NYC Deisel will provide you with a dank, earthy flavor. Arizer prides itself on its build quality, and it’s clear that their device is miles better than others out there on the market at lower prices. Arizer comment that the “High quality ceramic and glass parts are used because they are inert / toxin free and help to release flavorful oxygen-rich vapor without the diminished flavors and harshness found in other products”.

Temperature Setting

We all like to vape differently. Some crank up the temperature straight away, some start off low and work their way up, and some stay low because they don’t want to get high. The Arizer Air allows you to achieve all of these cannabis?vaping goals with its temperature settings. You can seamlessly switch between each setting by using the Air’s two buttons. If you want more taste over effect, go for lower temperatures. If you want the opposite, crank it right up! The Air takes just over a minute to reach full temperature on the green setting (200C/392F). The time it takes for the Arizer to heat up is sometimes not even noticeable if you start grinding your herb just after you turn it on.?The top of the device can become quite hot after long sessions at high temperatures so watch out where you’re holding it.


  1. 180C/356F?(Blue)
  2. 190C/374F (White)
  3. 200C/392F?(Green)
  4. 205C/401F?(Orange)
  5. 210C/410F?(Red)


I’ve owned my Airzer Air for the best part of 3 years now. It’s never failed me. I’ve only ever failed myself – when I forget to bring a battery or forget to charge them. The vape looks good, it feels good in your hand and it fits in your pocket. What more could you want? I’ve dropped it, thrown it and even got water on it once. It’s still standing strong as my daily driver. That being said, I have gone through a lot of different glass mouthpieces since I first got it. The breaks have mostly been the fault of myself though – dropping it off tables etc. The most discrete and durable mouthpieces have been the small glass tubes with the mouthpiece. They give a good draw and in somehow made the device look a lot more aesthetically pleasing.


This mouthpiece has seen better days…


I bought the device in 2014 from Arizer via Amazon at around $200. The Arizer Air now stands at the price of $184.99 on the official Arizer website. There may be other places you could find it cheaper. But I would always recommend buying directly from Arizer as they always have the most updated models as well as a limited warranty.

Arizer Air vs Arizer Air 2

The main difference between the Arizer Air and the Arizer Air 2 is that the Air 2 features a small LCD screen which is able to display words and basic patterns. Arizer also claims that the Air 2 has “50% Higher Capacity interchangeable batteries & Faster Heat-Up.” I’m not sure this temps me enough to upgrade yet, but if the price of the Arizer Air 2 comes down a little I may consider upgrading. The Air 2 also has a USB charger, which may be a decider for some of you who are unsure of what Air model to buy.

I’m looking forward to what Arizer comes up with next! Their quality, guarantee, and pricing is something that should not be overlooked. Especially when you’ll get a device that will last you years.

Header Image – Arizer

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