We already knew that cannabis suppositories were how to get the medical benefits of THC without getting high. But there are also occasions when taking CBD in this manner is a good idea.

Why take them?

Suppositories are the way to go for people who have difficulty swallowing, for instance due to cancer where the person is undergoing chemotherapy, Huntingdon’s disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or a stroke. Surgery could also make it necessary. If a woman suffers extreme menstrual pain, a vaginal suppository grants immediate relief.

How to take them

CBD suppositories need to be kept cold, so they are solid when inserted. Use a fridge or freezer for this. If they’re too solid, it’s possible to soften them by placing them in lukewarm water.

If doing it rectally, the CBD will be more effective if the bowels are empty. Avoid bowel movements for an hour afterwards. The person should lie on their side and adopt a foetal position. The suppository has to go around one to one-and-a-half inches up to reach the sphincter. Afterwards, clench the buttocks for about five seconds. Then, the person ought to stay in position for at least five minutes. Fluid might leak for a few hours, so there should be as little movement as possible. Hygiene is crucial, meaning hands have to be washed.

Ashley Manta, who runs the Cannasexual programme that teaches people how to use cannabis to increase sexual pleasure, remarked, “I did not enjoy receiving anal for most of my life until I found cannabis suppositories…. CBD suppositories help remind you to slow down and let things progress at an easy, unhurried pace. Anal play is a marathon, not a sprint.”

For vaginal suppositories, the person can either lie on her back or be standing. A pad will prevent leakage. Anal suppositories can be slightly rougher and might tear the walls of the vagina. So, usually, don’t confuse them with those for the vadge. Suppositories suitable for both orifices are, however, available.

The benefits

The rectum and vagina both feature many nerve endings. This allows for rapid absorption of medications into the bloodstream. The absorption rate is also higher.

Another reason to take them

Sex can be painful for some vagina owners. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 75% have experienced pain at least once during sex. Pelvis floor dysfunction in particular is exacerbated by inflammation. In 94% of cases, PTSD stems from sexual assault and lasts for anything from a few weeks to decades. This calls for CBD, which decreases inflammation, supports blood flow and relaxes muscles.

As this article from 2017 states, there are many CB1 receptors in the vagina. Kiana Reeves, chief brand officer of the CBD product maker Foria, remarked of CBD suppositories: “Anecdotal evidence abounds from folks who have been shocked and delighted by how helpful it is for enhancing pleasure and easing painful sex.” CBD suppositories taken vaginally have localised effects.

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