This powerful Californian Kush is a full blown indica, known for it’s powerful effects and dense nugs. According to WikiLeaf, “cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has consistently found buds of Abusive OG to have between 14% and a whopping 32% THC content.” There doesn’t seem to be much information on the live rosin variations of the strain so I can’t give any indication of the THC levels with this one. It’s a phenotype of the legendary OG Kush.

Abusive OG Effects

Abusive OG has it’s name for a reason. If you’ve got a lot planned for the day, you’d better get it done first. Perfect for those who are looking to take the focus off some pain and enjoy some relaxing, calming, eurphic effects.

On first impressions, there was an initial rush with increased thoughts and mental stimulation, this then subsided after around 5 minutes and I felt calm and relax for the next 3 hours or so. Even after the 3 hours I was still feeling myself craving all kinds of food, so this is likely another perfect strain for those looking to increase their appetite.

Taste and Smell

Like most kush derived strains, the smell is earthy with a little herbal kick.  Abusive OG also provides some skunky/diesel tones. Others say that the smell is also quite sweet, but I feel that the sweetness is more apparent in the tasting.

When tasted from a vape or on the nail at low teperatures, you’ll always experience a pleasant taste. A complex flavour profile offering up, spicy, earthy, sweet and skunky tones. At high temps, the spicy / earthy tones are more apparent.

On the Nail

As always, I recommend consuming live rosin at low temperatures. This is simply because the flavour profiles offered up are so irresistable to pass up. Those looking for the occasionaly hitter should opt for a high temperature vape or nail, but, there’s a good chance you’ll always be drawn back to the low temperatures, just for the flavour!


Nice little design on the lid.


abusive_og_2-minThe container for the product was very eye catching, displaying a peaceful japanese, almost Ukiyo-e style, scene. Not something I’m used to seeing on cannabis products so it was a pleasant suprise.

Around the lip of the container is a label describing the product: ABUSIVE OG, 1g Full Spectrum Live Rosin, Mad River Melts.

The consistency of the rosin was excellent, breaking off easily with a dab tool. You also don’t have to worry about dropping this stuff as it is usually pretty grippy. Lovely golden color with a sparkling, glossy sheen.

If you’re looking for similar kush related strains, check out our review of Tahoe OG Wax Concentrate, another phenotype of OG Kush.



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