Cannabis lovers are always on the hunt to find the best marijuana strain. If you are looking for the most potent, strongest, and flavorful weed strains to match 2020, keep reading this article.

We will introduce you to five great weed strains that could perfectly match to your personal enjoyment and therapeutic pursuit goals for 2020.

What is the best cannabis strain for you? It largely depends upon your personal preferences and consumption needs.

Having said this, we have picked the top five cannabis strains that are popular among cannabis enthusiasts for their effects and flavors.

Northern Lights

Whether you are a recreational user or a medical patient, you would love the indica dominant Northern Lights. It does not take very long when you start feeling an exceptional numbing, lazy mode.

The bud can overwhelm the novice users with a strong desire to sit on the couch and craving for food, even when used in lower doses.

The people looking for happiness and a sense of wellbeing cannot find a better strain than Northern Lights. People involved in creative endeavors also appreciate this bud for its creativity and focus on promoting effects.

Being one of the purest indica strains, Northern Lights is highly sedative. With its high relaxation effects, the bud demonstrates the exceptional potential to treat your insomnia, chronic pain, appetite disorder, or anxiety, and stress. It’s also an old classic, which is perfect for those long lockdown periods we’ve been experiencing in 2020.

Incredible Hulk

As the name suggests, it is a mighty sativa-dominant hybrid strain that offers head-focused effects along with a pleasant, citrusy flavor. Combining the best of its parent strains – Green Crack and Jack Herer – it produces a buzzy, long-lasting impact that keeps you wired and alert.

With a few puffs, Incredible Hulk’s high hit you quickly and hard.  The 15-24% THC level allows the bud to create mental stimulation where smokers feel their throughs are flowing. Soon this sensation is taken over by an exceptional euphoria.

Its pro-conversation effects are impressive and allow you to enjoy your social endeavors to the maximum. The combination of relaxing and alert effects that bud produces it is not suitable to use before bed. However, when used in the right settings, Incredible Hulk can serve as a potent aphrodisiac.

Medical marijuana patients love the strain for its tendency to encourage deep, lasting focus that can act as an effective remedy against attention deficit disorders.

The people prone to panic or with a low tolerance for THC need to exercise caution as the Incredible Hulk’s high is associated with ‘mindrace’, and possible paranoia can leave them in serious trouble.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha makes the third position in our list of cannabis strains for 2020. Featuring dank, citrus taste, and energizing effects, it is a buzzy strain with thought-provoking effects.

The initial effects of Laughing Buddha’s high can make smokers may feel altered perception and can attach their attention to all kinds of external stimuli.

As its high progresses, it drops off users in a calm, relaxing state that triggers a euphoric, giddy mood. The strain with an unmatched potential to dissipate tension and stress is enormously popular among cannabis enthusiasts.

Just smoke Laughing Buddha on the day of your party or a social event,  and experience the positive, friendly vibes encouraging you to engage in fascinating and free-flowing conversation.

The exceptional properties of Laughing Buddha allow cannabis lovers to experience a unique blend of productivity and relaxation together. This characteristic makes it a great strain whether you prefer to enjoy it during the day or in the evening.

Nuclear Cookies

If you are looking for a strain that can give you an upbeat attitude with soothing physical effects, no bud can do a better job than Nuclear Cookies.

With the first few puffs, you experience an even sense of cerebral stimulation that brings you focus and a positive attitude.

As your high progresses, it pours relaxation on your body while keeping you completely functional. Nuclear Cookies is an impressive strain to offset the symptoms of stress and depression.

People feeling overwhelmed by physical ailments such as headaches, cramps, or general body pain, can count on the healing potential of this strain to get a perfect relief.

Nuclear Cookies is a potent strain with a consistent 21% THC on average. The high it produces is slightly high that makes it unsuitable for newbies.

Purple Queen

Purple Queen having a super relaxing high and a delicious purple palate makes the fifth position in our list of perfect cannabis strains list of 2020.

As you start puffing, your mind starts filling with a sense of euphoria and ease. And it does not take it long to make you feel sleepy and finally fall into sleep.

Featuring an 18-29% average THC level, Purple Queen is the perfect strain for people suffering from chronic stress, appetite loss, nausea, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia.

You are likely to become a fan of sweet and sour lemony diesel with notes of grapes and wood. With earthy overtones shaped by spicy diesel and sharp grapes, the bud has a strong aroma.

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