Doctors in Mexico pulled out around 1kg of cannabis from the woman’s’ Vagina – including clumps of earth that were still attached. (Picture: CEN)

After telling doctors that she was pregnant and experiencing stomach pains, doctors ended up finding something completely?unexpected!

A woman, who was only identified as Gloria C, 37, first complained of her stomach problems at Ruben Lenero Hospital, Mexico City.

She attempted to convince doctors that she was pregnant but after doctors were unable to find a response?she was transferred to a specialist women’s hospital.? Upon arrival she was operated on and instead of finding a baby, surgeons discovered a large amount?of cannabis lodged in her abdomen.

The lumps of cannabis had been poorly wrapped in masking tapped and still had clumps of earth attached to it. Doctor Lourdes Yanez was responsible for the operation. After removing the 1kg of cannabis from Gloria’s body he had it transferred?to the Public Ministry, according to reports.

The woman said that she was pregnant and that she could not feel her baby moving. (Picture: CEN)

In a bizarre twist, Gloria was allowed to walk free after being detained and taken to court. The judge argued that her detention was not legal, and therefore she was allowed to leave.

Officials from the State Prosecutor’s?Office urged that they would continue investigating?the case in an attempt to one day call the woman back to court.

This was apparently not the first time Gloria had committed an offence. In both 2010 and 2015 Gloria was found guilty of the same crime.

She told the authorities that she lived in Ixtapaluca, a city in the state of Mexico, but she refused to say where the drugs had come from.


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