16-year-old boys can be so very naughty, but this one was very bad indeed

Three Royal Navy ships have been named after Athersone, and this is the badge of one.

Three Royal Navy ships have been named after Athersone, and this is the badge of one.

16-year-old boys are supposed to get up to bad shit, but one took things to the limit when he was apprehended for managing a cannabis farm whose hundreds of plants were valued at over ?80,000, which the Tamworth Herald termed a ?huge drugs haul.?

There were two raids in Atherstone, north Warwickshire, prompted by tip-offs. The first, through the front door of a house on Innage Terrace at 09:30 on Friday July 2 2016, turned up the boy, who attempted to flee via the rear of the house and ran straight into other officers. The cannabis farm included thousands of pounds of growing gear which police described as a ?sophisticated set-up of equipment.? The boy appeared in court on Saturday 9 July, charged with cultivating cannabis with intent to supply. He was bailed.

Two Raids

The second raid occurred in Cooks Close in the small hours of the same day as the first. Nobody was present but there were several mature plants, not much of a cannabis farm, and hydroponic equipment.

PC Christopher Bell of Atherstone’s Safer Neighbourhood Team boasted of ?a successful day for police in north Warwickshire,? but groused that the raids were the result of ?third-hand information from Facebook.? He implored people to report suspicious incidents directly to police instead of merely sounding off online. 999 is for emergencies while 101 is for lesser matters.

Some Atherstone Facts

Atherstone, with a population of 8,293 in the 2001 census, was settled in Roman times and one Roman road is now the A5. It’s possible that the Battle of Bosworth Field, the final major battle of the Wars of the Roses where Richard III was slain, occurred nearby.

Aherstone’s most famous resident was Sara Thornton, who killed her violent, alcoholic husband, Malcolm, in 1989. She claimed the killing was an accident that occurred during an argument when he was drunk, but was sentenced to life imprisonment, having been accused of acting for financial reasons. The defence made little of the abuse she suffered.

The relationship had lasted for 18 months. Police were called repeatedly because the husband had assaulted Thornton, and a representative of Al Anon once witnessed him hitting her while a neighbour spoke of how Thornton had been left ?black and blue? and rendered unconscious by him. He had been due to appear in court for assault 10 days after his death. The case became a cause c?l?bre for women’s groups and, at a retrial in 1996, she was found guilty of manslaughter and released, having already spent time in gaol. The case was made into a TV film, Killing Me Softly.

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